Sewing Study Reveals Using Sewing Machines at Work Improves Creativity

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Did you know that sewing can improve your creativity and puts you in a relaxing mode.

Yes, studies carried out in October 2016 reveals that people who have been sewing are known to be more relaxed and active than others of the same age group.

Even in the fast moving world, sewing has still retained it’s prominence and still growing it’s popularity among household women.

sewing and creativity

Other than keeping you active sewing can enhance your creative side of the brain. It’s not just women but men too have shown the above signs of improvement in creativity and also being active at the same time.

Imagine the amount of creativity involved in doing a complicated design with your sewing skills. Moreover the applause from other people will put you in comfortable position the next time you handle even larger sewing project.

Sewing Effects on Creative Projects.

Sewing activities enhance your physical and as well as mental activities over the time.

Just imagine being able to churn out a complicated sewing project, the confidence boost you get out of it, and with some experiments along the way. And you develop a sense of relaxation whenever you use a sewing machine.

Some people may not be able to afford a sewing machine, in such cases sewing by hand is an alternative to consider.

Embroidery, quilting, and other simple sewing projects done by hand will give you more experience and that attention detail. The skills will come very handy when you upgrade to a sewing machine in the near future.

Consider tailoring experts advice or compare the top sewing machine brands & read reviews before you choose one for your advanced sewing projects. My suggestion is that you wait for November Black Friday or the Christmas time to grab a good deal on the sewing machines.

The confidence and skills you learn during this process is invaluable for your upcoming sewing projects.

Everyday sewing calms you down over the real world work pressure and at the same time help your brain function in a relaxed mode.

Surveys and research by professionals reveal that any activity with your hands will significantly help you work under lower pressure thus no abnormal variation in functioning of our body. Moreover you get your work done as well as better option when you compare to other jobs.

Because, you are working on creating something new with your skills your brain will be more relaxed. Many people report that they forget their tension while working with their crafting skills.

So sewing is not just art but instead sewing can soothe or relax your mind. How many other jobs can you name that relaxes one’s mind and give you that immense confidence for completing the work.

Start Sewing as an Hobby.

If you are still on the edge thinking whether sewing is right for you? Then I would suggest give it a shot. What’s wrong with trying.

Don’t think or assume sewing is a grandmother’s hobby. People of all ages actively involve in this sewing hobby. With so many benefits both professionally and fun wise, sewing can be your best hobby in no time when you learn the basics. You will love it once you master those sewing skills because sewing is addictive and fun to do.

I would feel great when someone asks question regarding sewing. So please put your comments below and I will try my best to answer them.

Sewing Projects

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Looking for sewing projects? It is proven by studies that sewing enhances your creativity and is more relaxing than other stressful works. Here we have compiled a list of beginner and advanced projects you can decide to sew.

Feel free to use them.

Quilting Patches

Sew Yourself a Pant

Watch the video to learn how to sew yourself a simple pant.


See how easy it is to sew a hand kerchief and this makes a perfect project for beginners.


Irrespective of your age, this project will teach you how to sew yourself a good skirt that fits well like a factory made skirt. You will enjoy while sewing a skirt for sure.

A tablecloth

What if you can use your finished project? A tablecloth makes that perfect choice to be used at home and at the same time helps you learn sewing.

These were a small list of both newbie friendly and advanced projects. You may choose the one that best suits your skills and interests you.